Scientific and research approaches and research projects

Our students are supposed to keep up with the international levels of requirements concerning Art Educator´s competences. Focusing on the original research is a must for the teachers of the Art Education Dept. as it is a pre-requisite for maintaining the high standards of teacher preparation study programs. Our department is quite unique in the context of Charles University, in that it interconnects theory of art with the pedagogical discourse.

The focus is on research in the field of functional visual literacy (VIGRA) and Didactics of Art Education in the international context. See also:

A very important role in the field of research belongs to the doctoral studies.

International projects play a very important part of research and education at Art Education Dept. We collaborate with Universities in Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Finland and Japan. Methodological tools, which we often use, are combinations of contemporary approaches to analyzing an image and a cultural artefact, as well as analyzing the processes of creating art, fenomenological and post-structuralist perspectives in theory of art education and socio-reconstructivistic tendencies in Art Pedagogy.

Important activities:

Research PROGRES Q17 - Competency Based Visual Literacy

Participation in European Network for Visual Literacy

Interventions in educational activities UNESCO and InSEA; both on the European and World infrastructure


2017-2021 PROGRES Q17 - Competency Based Visual Literacy

Museum and Gallery Education in the Visegrad Region I and II. Dept. of Visual Art, Univerzita Komenského v Bratislavě, SNG

2011-2013 NAKI DF 11P01OVV025 (Educating cultural identity of the nation, museums, galleries and schools). Educational principles in models of cultural education.

2012-2014 Creative Connections 517844-LLP-2011-UK-Comenius-CMP/EACEA. Research of modalities of European cultural identity and democratical values.

2008 - 2011 Images and Identity: Improving Citizenship Education through Digital Art.

LLP Erasmus, Comenius. No. 142345 – LLP – 1 – 2008 – 1 – UK - COMENIUS – CMP/EACEA.

Visual art, visual culture, visual literacy and European citizenship.

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