Foreign students


How to proceed when you have decided to study at Art Education Dept.:

1)Choose one Project (for 15 ECTS) and Subjects (for 4 ECTS) (for 15 ECTS projects we strongly prefer students from institutions with which Art Education Dept. has signed a contract. For other students, it is possible to choose subjects only)

2)Visit the introductory meeting

After you have arrived in Prague, do not forget to visit an introductory meeting at the Art Education Dept. You will learn the exact date at the Faculty introductory meeting. You will receive a detailed information about your subject enrollments.

3)Register in to the Projects and Subjects

After the meeting at Art Education Dept., meet with the leader (teacher) of the Project and individual teachers of the Subjects that you plan to attend. The Subjects are being provided through other regular subjects taught at the Dept. Consequently, you will be in close contact with Czech students. You will receive instruction and a feedback in English. Please prepare a portfolio of your artworks and present it to the teachers during the first meeting in Prague, it can help the teachers identify which course is most suitable for you.

Consultation hours of our teachers

Exceptionally, consultation hours are being changed during the semester. Before you visit individual teachers, always check the link.

4)Get records in your “blue book” (sc. index) in the end of the semester and check your records in the SIS (electronic system of evidence)

Fill the names and codes of Project and Subjects, credits and names of lecturers into the “blue book”. In the end of the semester students must get signatures from each lecturer as a proof of their successful finishing of each Subject or Project. After getting all signatures, visit the secretary of the Art Education Dept. and she will register your results. Dept. for International Relations (Mgr. Nikola Velíšková) will give you the transcript of your records for the sending institution (your school).

Subject taught at Art Education Dept.:

You can find the actual offer on:

Code EAS Credits

OEB321011 Drawing 4

OEB321014 Painting 4

OEB321017 Printmaking 4

OEB321034 Photography 4

OEB321022 Plastic art / space and object art 4

OEN321039 Graphic design / applied graphic 4

Erasmus Projects with annotations

Info about the actuall offer on:

OE321003 The Object and Landscape

(MgA Michal Sedlák, 15 credits, English)

Duration: 3 – 6 months


Annotation: In the investigation part of the project, students are supposed to explore relations between a „site“ and an art-work. The „site“ is understood as a landscape or a part of the city or any other place recognized by students as such. A port-folio of prep work will include ideas, drawings, 3D models, photographs or any other materials leading to a final structure of project presentation.

Readings: will be specified during work on project

OE321004 Event-what-happened

(Doc. Martin Raudenský, Ph.D. 15 credits, English)

Duration: 3 – 6 months


Annotation: What have you enjoyed? What have you been listening to? What have you been dreaming of? Choose one event or situation which happened or could happen to you in Prague. Make author’s book about that event. Play with that concrete situation. What's the event about? Try to express a clear idea of the displayed event. Use for better expression three-dimensional effects and mechanisms. Do not use that effects purposeless, but try to support via that events. Materials: drawings, paintings, photographs, texts etc.



Annual 2004: Bologna Illustrator Exhibition of Children Books. Verona: Società Editoriale Grafice, 2004.

CARTER, A., DIAZ, I. The Elements of Pop-Up. Santa Monica: Intervisual Books, 1999.

HOLLIS, R. Graphic Design. A Concise History. London: Thames & Hudson, 2001

OZAWA, K. New Encyclopedia of Paper-Folding Designs. Tokyo: Pie Books, 2003.

SABIN, R. Comics, Comix, Graphic Novels. London: Phaidon Press Limited, 2001.

SAKAMOTO, T., PRAT, R. (Eds.) Holland Design new graphics. Barcelona: Actar, 2001.

SAKAMOTO, T., PRAT, R. (Eds.) JaPan Graphics. Barcelona: Actar, 2002.

BRATROVÁ, B. 18. and 19. Biennial Illustrations Bratislava 2001. Bratislava: BIB, 2001-2003


OEB321043 Thinking through images – images in thoughts

(Ak. mal. Mgr. Martin Velíšek, PhD., 15 credits, English)

Duration: 3 – 6 months


Annotation: Art work in this project is based on conceptual thinking as well as on manual abilities (painting, drawing, dealing with other media). Students in this project reflect the way from an idea to images and vice versa and consider Art like a medium, nonobjective expression and application of structure of meanings. The ideas are specified in discussion/colloquy. Students will explore artifacts (visual expressions) by studying them through discussions, sketches, copies, paraphrases and in readings. The aim is to support student’s conceptual thinking and intensification of their manual and intellectual abilities in art range. The result of the project is not predetermined. It is expected that student will present at the end a wide range of artworks such as drawings, paintings, installation, other media works and texts documenting his/her thinking and process of creation.

Resources: John Dewey, Michel Foucault

Readings: will be specified during work on project

OEB321008 Photo image in education

(MgA. Sylva Francová,. 15 credits, English)

Duration: 3 – 6 months


Annotation: This project is for those who love making and looking at photos. We are going to explore the following questions: How do I use photography when studying abroad? What is the position of photography in my life, in my art work? Which functions does my camera and photography have in relationships and communication when I’m abroad? What is the position of photography in the work of Art education teacher? How could our pupils deal with photography during Art education lessons? Students are visiting galleries focused on photography or exhibiting photographs (such as Langhans gallery, Galerie Rudolfinum, Museum of Decorative arts, DOX/ Centre of Contemporary Art, etc.), discussing their photographical diaries and studying relevant literature.

Readings: will be specified during work on project.

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