• Incoming students

Incoming students

Foreign students are sincerely welcome to study at the Department of Art Education, Faculty of Education, Charles University.

Our department cooperate under these international projects:



Cotutelle program

Visegrad program

CEEPUS freemovers

and under plenty of bilateral agreements.

Department of Art Education offer study in bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees focused on research in visual literacy, science of education in art and design. Understanding of culture and visual art as creative, inter-subjective domains is in the centre of our philosophy. Respecting linguistic and cultural diversity, the Department of Art Education focuses on „languages of art” as media of expressive communication and learning.

If you are interested in studying at the Department of Art Education, please contact us:

Foreign Cooperation Coordinator for Art Education Department

Mgr. Lucie Jakubcová Hajdušková, Ph.D.


+420 221 900 280

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